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Improving physical and mental health during stressful pandemic (COVID-19).

The outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has caused tremendous stress for many people. We need to understand the effect it has on our physical and mental stress. Our life has changed... Read more »
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Covid-19 gave us opportunity to self-reflect (during closures). 10 ways to maximize time and life.

The year 2020 highlights the exposure to Covid-19 which made all of us learn a lot about a lot of things. It is time to self-reflect and maximize your time and life... Read more »

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Finding Calm When You Are Feeling Stressed

Are you feeling stressed? There are two types of stressful situations: situations you can’t control, and ones you can at least do something about to improve the situation. First figure out what... Read more »
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11 Brilliant Ways Therapists Control Their Holiday Stress

Sometimes even the experts need a little help staying holly and jolly. Research shows holiday season stress can feel insurmountable. No one is immune. Mental health professionals, who are usually helping others manage emotions,... Read more »

Top 5 strategies to live longer

Everyone wants to live a longer and healthier life. It is actually not very difficult. We need to implement these 5 strategies in our life: Protect yourself on deadly diseases and prevent... Read more »

Vicky Law: Hard Truths About Stress To Help You Improve The Quality Of Your Life

Stress is a condition that can happen to anyone. Although it is a part of everyone’s life, it does not mean that it should go unchecked. If your stress levels are not... Read more »

Gadadhara Pandit Dasa: What Is Mindfulness And Why We Need It

Key message: Mind is the main cause of our problems and suffering. With a little training and practice, we can begin to learn to press the pause or stop button when we... Read more »
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Why Coloring Is Good For You

If you haven’t been swept up in the adult-coloring craze yet, find a few pencils and try it with the mandala (below), a Buddhist symbol of the universe. Feel relaxed? It’s probably... Read more »

4 Secrets to All-Day Energy

by Terri Trespicio Why can we never get enough done in a day? It’s not because we’re inefficient or bad at what we do. In fact, it’s less about time management–and more... Read more »

6 Steps to Ending Bad Eating Habits

Whether quitting your addiction to snacking, too much sugar, or quitting smoking it starts with knowing what you want, checking obstacles then handling them in advance. Follow these six steps and... Read more »