Milk after exercise promotes muscle gain and fat mass loss

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We have heard it all the times that drinking protein right after strength training helps prevent muscle loss and promotes muscle gain. A study published in the Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise journal states that* drinking low fat milk after strength training exercise helps promote muscle gain, fat mass loss and a possible reduction in bone turnover*. This study was done in the women as most women does not consider strength training as their choice of exercise. This study shows that strength training helps promote weight loss in women also.

Strength training has similar effects in women as it is in men. Women were divided in two groups – one got about 500 ml of fat-free milk immediately and 1 hour after strength training exercise and the other group got a protein drink at the similar times. The milk group maintain the same body mass but had lower fat mass  and increased lean body mass, which means that they had lower percent body fat. Not only was their body composition improved but the Milk group also have higher Vitamin D which helps with bone development. This study supports what has been promoted all along with “Got Milk” ads. Milk is essential to our body and nothing replaces natural milk protein even for building muscle and weight loss.

Source: Medicine and Science in Sports & Exercise Journal

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