Laugh More! It’s Good Medicine

laugh 407 - For Weight ControlA genuine voiced laughter can have a tremendous positive effect on your health. Laughter increases endorphins, strengthens immune system, burns calories and increases hope & self-esteem.

Laughter is a mini-workout
A genuine laugh can burn extra calories. According to a study published in International Journal of Obesity in May 2006 [1] showed that laughter causes a 10-20% increase in Energy Expenditure (EE) and heart rate (HR) above resting values, which means that 10-15 min of laughter per day could increase total EE by 40-170 kJ (10-40 kcal). A few calories every day translates to a few pounds a year—so keep laughing!

Stronger Immune System
According to an article recently published in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine [2], laughter may reduce stress and increase natural killer cell levels, a type of white blood cell that attacks cancer cells. Laughing also promotes an oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange and clears airways. Muscles and joints are flexed and stretched, promoting muscle tone.


Watch this videos! I am sure it will make you laugh!


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