Incline Push-Ups

forweightcontrol incline push up - For Weight Control

It is a modified push-up that is easy for a beginner if they can not do flat push-ups. It still targets the main chest muscles (the pectoralis major and minor) but puts far less stress on your elbows and significantly reduces the amount of weight you are lifting. The incline pushup engages the shoulders (deltoid), arms (triceps) as well a long list of muscles throughout the abs, back, hips, and legs. Using a slow and deliberate motion can really engage your core muscles. Follow these steps:

forweightcontrol incline push up - For Weight Control
  1. Stand facing a bench or sturdy elevated platform.
  2. Place hands on edge of bench or platform, slightly wider than shoulder-width.
  3. Position forefoot back from bench or platform with arms and body straight. Arms should be perpendicular to the body.
  4. Keeping body straight, lower chest to edge of box or platform by bending arms. Push body up until arms is extended. Repeat.

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