Eating Healthy Way on a Budget

20218 - For Weight ControlI’m sure you have heard people say that it is not cheap to eat healthy. Buying at whole food stores is expensive. Fruits and vegetables are more expensive than eating from a fast food. But, the reality is, if you plan better, you CAN eat healthy food at lower cost.

Here are some tips:

  • Buy seasonally. Visit local farmers market or produce junction and buy seasonal vegetables and fruits. They are much cheaper!
  • Learn to cook veggies. Avoid adding high calories ingredients, such as butter and use stir-fry or boiling or baking options to minimize calories.
  • Get frozen veggies. Fresh is not the only option for healthy vegetables. Many frozen vegetables are harvested and then frozen at peak ripeness, so they can be a flavorful option that’s often a better value and will last for months longer than fresh. Canned vegetables may also be full of nutrients, but watch out for added salt in cans.
  • Cut your vegetables at home. Pre-cut produce adds to the cost of the vegetables.
  • Cook in bulk and freeze. That way you don’t let food go bad and end up wasting it.
  • Not everything has to be organic.  For example, avocados, bananas and other fruits and veggies with thick skin are totally OK to buy conventional. You end up saving quite a bit.

Learn to add some fruits or vegetables with each meal. This will add fiber and you will get feeling of satiety sooner without consuming high calorie foods.

Additional Reading:

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