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Many people find it difficult or intimidating to create a home gym or do home workouts. Many think that it is expensive. So, often they instead invest their money in a health club membership not realizing that for the same amount of money (or even less) they can create a very effective gym right in their own home.

For an effective home gym, all that is required is a little bit of planning. Don’t go purchasing random fitness equipment because of fancy advertising for the latest infomercial fad or the great “sale” at your local fitness store. That type of purchasing leads to a house cluttered with equipment that’s only good as a clothes hanger or dust collector. This often happens because the equipment is either useless, poorly constructed, or quickly loses its value because it doesn’t progress with your fitness level.
To avoid having a basement filled with expensive dust-collecting equipment, keep these points in mind when making a purchase:

  • What are your fitness goals?
  • How often do you really think you will workout?
  • Will the equipment meet your needs as you build fitness (at the 3, 6, and 9-month marks)?
  • Will you enjoy the exercises or will you quickly grow bored with them?
  • And, of course, how much can you afford?

Once you have answered all of the above questions then you are ready to make some purchasing decisions. Of course, how much you can afford to spend may dictate what you can actually purchase. Don’t get discouraged. For as little as $100, you can have a very effective total strength training home gym. Even for as little as $35, you can create an effective workout that will tone your entire body. Regardless of what your fitness goals are, there are a plethora of equipment options to consider.

Strength Training

For building muscles and/or toning-up, you can choose from free weights, resistance bands, benches, and even no-equipment. Below are several recommendations based on costs and needs along with benefits of the exercise equipment:


You can either get the adjustable dumbbell or full dumbbell set with weights ranging from 5 pounds to 50+ pounds. The dumbbells are great for light toning, to intermediate strength training to building muscles. They are less expensive than specialized machines. They usually provide more flexibility and variety in workouts.

Resistance Band

The resistance bands provides another option for strength training. Can alternate use with free weights for a great challenge that will help prevent plateaus.

Step Bench

A Step Bench Can be used for both cardio workouts and strength training workouts.

Fitness Ball

A Fitness Ball provides exercise options for toning, strengthening and stretching.

Cardiovascular (Aerobic exercises)

For cardiovascular improvements (e.g. running, walking, etc), there are even more options. They range from treadmills to elliptical trainers, to bikes and beyond. So, answering the previously mentioned questions is very important. To help make your decision easier, below are several recommendations based on costs and needs, along with the benefits of the exercise equipment.

If you want to create a gym that will provide you with a total body workout (cardio, strength, and flexibility) and you have a budget of at least $1000, consider the following recommendations:


A treadmill is the best option for cardiovascular equipment because it can be used for running, walking, and even some leg strength training. Plus, workouts can continually be varied based on speed, incline, even direction. And, it easily progresses as fitness levels improve.


This search engine below is specially curated to provide only good workout plans. You can type in any workout you want, e.g. Ab workout or Home Workouts or Chest workouts or Dumbbell workout or Resistance Band Workout, you will find a workout that is best suited for you.

If you want a home gym specifically for building muscles (or just can’t afford cardio equipment), and can afford at least $100, consider the following recommendations:

  • Dumbbell set.
  • Fitness Ball
  • Resistance Band
  • Jump Rope – Offers very challenging cardiovascular fitness workouts at a very low price.

If you want a total body home gym but can only afford less than $100, consider the following recommendations:

  • Three dumbbells sizes (e.g. 5, 10 and 15 pounds)
  • Resistance Band
  • Jump Rope

If you are limited to purchasing just one very affordable piece of equipment, consider buying a Fitness Ball. As mentioned above, it provides many different exercise options. With the ball, you can get an upper-body workout, a lower body workout, a very challenging abdominal workout, and a stretching/flexibility workout. And, you can get all of this for around $35.

Also, don’t underestimate what you can do with things that are already in your house, like stairs, a chair, milk jugs, and others. There are a lot of exercises that require no equipment at all. For example, push-ups, tricep dips, squats, calf raises, etc. You can even create your own “weights” through milk jugs filled with water or sand.

As you can see, there are a lot of options available for creating a home gym that will meet your individual needs and will provide a lot of workout variety. Even on a shoestring budget, you can still make a wise purchase that will be invaluable in helping you get more fit and healthy. And, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of working out at home.

Here is a 7 Minute Ab Workout Video that you can do at home without any equipment.

Of course, you will need previous knowledge of how to use your home equipment or you will have to be willing to learn. But, it’s not difficult. Most equipment will come with basic instructions and a few sample exercises. You may want to enlist the help of a professional to provide additional exercise options and guidance that will ensure that you get the most out of your fitness equipment through every fitness level stage.

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