Decline Push-Ups

forweightcontrol decline push up - For Weight Control

A decline pushup is an advanced variation of the flat push-ups that increases the difficulty significantly by placing your feet higher than your hands. Adjusting the bench height allows you to customize the intensity of your workout using just your body weight. All you need is an object that is at a height to put your feet on. You can use a bench, step, or some other solid object. It targets the muscles of the chest, shoulders, back, and arms. Follow these steps:

forweightcontrol decline push up - For Weight Control
  1. Kneel on floor with bench or elevation behind the body.
  2. Position hands on the floor slightly wider than shoulder-width.
  3. Place feet on bench or elevation. Raise body in a plank position with body straight and arms extended.
  4. Keeping body straight, lower upper body to floor by bending arms. To allow for full descent, pull head back slightly without arching back. Push body up until arms is extended. Repeat.

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