Biceps Curls

forweightcontrol biceps curl - For Weight Control

The biceps curl is a highly recognizable weight-training exercise that works the muscles of the upper arm, and to a lesser extent, those of the lower arm. There are several variations of this exercise, including those using dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, or cable machines. Start with the standing alternating dumbbell biceps curl, which you can do anywhere. This exercise targets the biceps muscles at the front of the upper arm, and also the muscles of the lower arm—the brachialis, and brachioradialis. Follow these steps:

forweightcontrol biceps curl - For Weight Control
  1. Position two dumbbells to sides, palms facing in, arms straight.
  2. With elbows to sides, raise one dumbbell and rotate forearm until the forearm is vertical and palm faces shoulder.
  3. Lower to the original position and repeat with the opposite arm.
  4. Continue to alternate between sides.

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