7 Simple Steps to Lose Belly Fat

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When you search google for “losing belly fat”, there is tons of resources – from ab workouts to supplements to diets. But what really important is to focus on the whole body and not just belly fat. I bet you have never seen anyone who has six packs and not have muscle anywhere else because it is not possible. Here are some simple tips that focus on this principle and helps you achieve flat stomach and lose belly fat.

  1. Calculate your basal metabolic rate (BMR). This tells us how many calories you body needs to consume to maintain your existing weight. This is called you maintenance calories. This will be guide to decide how much calories you need to consume to lose weight.
  2. Lower your calorie intake by 10% (maximum 500 Kcal) per day from your BMR. You don’t want to lower too much calories because that may results in more lean body mass (muscle and water loss) than fat loss.
  3. Divide the calories in step 2 over 5 or 6 small meals per day (ideally alternate meal, snack, meal, snack…). You should aim to eat every 3-4 hours. This will help not only control hunger better but also will make you feel more energetic all day. Each meal is about 350 calories and each snack is about 100-130 calories with focus on protein and/or fiber. Monitor your caloric intake at least for few weeks to learn about the calories in food you usually eat.
  4. Do low or moderate intensity activity everyday for about 30-45 minutes. High intensity activity will make you feel like you are working hard but it may results in more lean body mass (muscle and water) loss if you are not on the point with your protein and water intake. Low or moderate intensity activity, like, walking or light jog or house work or walk the dog, etc. will encourage your body to lose fat.
  5. Make simple replacements in your diet, Sweetener in place of sugar, diet drinks in place of full sugar drinks, use leaner cuts of meat etc. At first these changes may be difficult but you will get used to them and make vital calorie savings every day.
  6. Drink plenty of water. Start with at least 8 cups of water per day. If you are out in sun then drink extra water. Dehydration will make body less efficient and will make fat loss more difficult
  7. Supplementing you diet can make fat loss easier. A diet high in protein can help preserve muscle (more muscle means an increase in metabolism).

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About the Author: Adarsh Gupta