4 Ways to Prepare Your Mind and Body for the New Year

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img 8800 1 1 - For Weight ControlThe New Year is quickly approaching and so many are thinking of what their 2017 resolution will be. Finally join the local gym? Complete a couch to 5k? Finish the “honey do” list you received at the beginning of 2016? Change your lifestyle by making healthier choices all around (quit smoking, quit drinking alcohol, quit quitting) to unveil a better you by the time summer rolls around? Count down with me over the next four weeks with tips on ways to prepare your mind and body for the New Year.

#4-Treat your body as a precious gift, a beautiful temple even.

Usually when we are given something we value a great deal we tend to handle it with the best of care. Think of our body in the same way. It is quite precious. Ok guys, no it’s not precious at all, it is strong and rough, feel free to bang on your chest here. Even the strongest, manliest of bodies or the most fragile delicate ones share the commonality of being beautiful and unique.
Our bodies house amazing organs that function involuntarily every moment whether it is our heart pumping to circulate blood throughout our body, or our kidneys filtering that blood, maybe it’s our lungs capturing oxygen for use with every inspiration and releasing carbon dioxide each time we exhale. Consider our digestive system which is comprised of multiple organs working together to extract the much need macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) and to a lesser extent micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) from the foods we consume. This temple works to protect you, reciprocate.
In the same way you maintain your car, do the same for your body. Start with annual wellness exams to your primary care provider. The question I am always asked is “Why should I go to the doctor if I’m not sick?” and my response is always the same. You get the oil changed in your car and kick the tires right? It’s called preventive maintenance. Go in get a complete exam, get any necessary labs and required screenings dependent on age and gender and have a very nice day. Your car received its 3000 mile oil change and check and so did you. Not to mention if you plan on starting an exercise routine or diet plan it is recommended you visit your healthcare provider before doing so.
Next you want to avoid allowing anything to enter your temple that may damage it. Remember, it takes care of you, so you must take care of it. Cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol are toxic to your temple. Further, that is no way to treat a precious gift given to you. Likewise inactivity, overindulgence in fats, carbohydrates, or refined sugars also cause damage to your temple. Considering your temple is a living being it requires water, drink up. Water maintains thermoregulation, protects vital organs, and is necessary for adequate blood volume and optimal athletic performance. Not and athlete you say, water is still a vital component during your workout regimen to replace fluids loss through increased metabolism and sweat.
Value your gift, treat your temple well and keep it clean. After all, you only get one.
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